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Occlusal Splint

Occlusal Splints Treatment at Peninsula Dental Frankston Vic

What Is an Occlusal Splint?

An Occlusal Splint (also known as a Night Guard)

Is a removable appliance that is placed either on your upper or lower arch.

It covers all your teeth on the biting surfaces and is designed to be worn at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Might I Need an Occlusal Splint?

If you have bruxism or TMJ Disorder which is caused mainly by grinding or clenching you will most likely need an occlusal splint.

Signs of Grinding and Clenching?

The signs and symptoms of grinding can vary from person to person depending on the frequency, duration and strength.

These may include:

  • Pain/Sensitivity to heat, cold or pressure.
  • Headaches and Earaches
  • Broken, Chipped or Cracked teeth
  • Stiffness or tenderness in the jaw
  • Wearing down of teeth
  • Limited jaw movement
What Are the Benefits of an Occlusal Splint?

Splints do not cure grinding or clenching but allows your teeth to come together evenly without tooth contact.

The benefits of having an Occlusal Splint:

  • Reduces muscle pain and tooth wear
  • Restores your jaw function
  • Relieves jaw and tooth pain
How Do I Clean My Splint?

Your splint should be cleaned just as your teeth should. You should clean your splint after every wear with a soft toothbrush and warm/cold soapy water.

Make sure you rinse thoroughly then store in a dry place whenever you are not wearing it.