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Dental Examination at Peninsula Dental Frankston Vic

We recommend all our patients to have a thorough dental examination.

If you are a new patient to our practice we will allow a full hour for your first examination.

The dentist will examine your teeth, mouth, lips, cheeks, palate and tongue for any signs of disease or anything unusual.

We will take Bitewing X rays as part of your first examination. These X rays will help diagnose any decay/caries in between the teeth (premolar and molar). Smaller bitewing X-Rays are recommended every 2 years.

If you have had X-Rays taken at your previous practice we can obtain these on your behalf (with your signed consent). We recommend regular check ups every 6 months to monitor your dental health.

The Purpose

The purpose of the examination is to identify dental problems that are affecting your dental health.

We will formulate a treatment plan accordingly and will try to rectify in subsequent visits.

We generally recommend a full mouth X-Ray (OPG) once every 1 year. This shows your teeth, jaw and sinuses which is useful for detecting nasty little surprises before any symptoms develop. OPG X-Rays are also required for showing wisdom teeth as well.

All of Our X-Rays Equipment Is Digital

Meaning radiation is kept to a very low level and images are immediately available.

Your dentist will discuss any concerns you may have, and recommend options for your treatment.

You will receive a written treatment plan if you require further treatment.

If you are in a health fund we can (depending on the fund) obtain an estimation of the benefit you will receive for the required treatment.