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Cost of Braces

Who We Are And What We Do

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces costs are different between patients, depending on the severity of a case, clarity of the braces and time frame the braces will be fitted for.

What Can I Expect?

Generally, braces will be fitted for roughly 2 years, which will require monthly check ups and consistent cleaning, along with a (possible) diet change.

During the first week after your braces are fitted, you tend to feel some discomfort or mild pain, but once this is over, there’s very rarely any issues throughout the rest of your treatment.

So, How Much Do Braces Cost?

Depending on the type of braces you are looking to fit, costs can vary greatly depending on range of factors depending on the requirements and complexity of the treatment and schedule of fees charged.

We offer flexible and affordable payment plans, often with interest free option.

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