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Braces Treatment at Peninsula Dental Frankston Vic

At Peninsula Dental

We’ve gone to great lengths to keep up with modern technologies in orthodontics. We offer Clear Invisalign braces and Metal/Ceramic braces.

Types of braces:

Metal braces: Metal braces are used for various types of tooth movements from simple to complex cases. Metal brace system use brackets. Ceramic brackets are available in the market for those who do not like the metal colour.

Invisalign :

  • Invisalign I7 : For single tooth or minor orthodontic movement.
  • Invisalign Lite: For minor orthodontic movements.
  • Invisalign Teen: For teenagers who require range of orthodontic movements.
  • Invisalign Full: For adults who require major orthodontic movements

Please book for a consultation with the dentist to assess and discuss the type of system that suits you.

Cost of Braces

Cost of Braces

We offer braces at competitive prices. The actual cost will differ depending on the requirements, the complexity of the treatment and schedule of fees charged. When cost is the biggest deciding factor

We offer flexible and affordable payment plans, often with interest free option. Please contact us for more information.


Metal braces have come a long way in terms of how customisable they are.

In fact, just about each of the pieces in the system can be made in a specific colour, depending on what you want.

Golden or Ceramic brackets have become somewhat fashionable over the past five years especially with teenage girls.

Invisalign braces are clear and hardly visible.


Metal braces are some of the strongest orthodontic systems available today.

They rarely break once they have been properly set and regular cleaning, adjustments and checkups on a monthly basis will help keep them reasonably comfortable and functional while you wear them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is a procedure for straightening or moving the teeth to improve the overall appearance of the teeth.

We use Metal braces or Invisalign aligners to straighten the teeth.

Why Should I Need Orthodontic Treatment?

People need orthodontic treatment for several reasons.

Some of the reasons include Crooked teeth, Crowded teeth, Midline gaps[ Diastema], Rotated teeth, Prominent and Proclianed upper front teeth which has unsightly appearance, Open Bites, Uneven bites etc.

These factors can cause jaw joint[ TMJ] pain, strain in jaw muscles and several other dental problems that can eventually lead to losing teeth. You will need Orthodontic treatment to correct all these problems and to prevent losing teeth.

Straight teeth enables you to brush and floss properly there by helps in maintaining oral hygiene.

What Does It Involve?

Most important thing is to have a full examination to identify the defects.

We will look at your teeth and take some moulds to make plaster models and prescribe X-rays.

With the help of these we will formulate tailored treatment to each individual.

Will I Need to Get My Teeth Removed to Make Room?

You might require one or more teeth removed to make some room but it is not the case for everyone. We will tell you if you need it.

Some times we can use alternative options to create space.

What Are Elastics?

In some occasions we will suggest you to use elastic bands that can help move teeth. We will tell you if you need elastics.

How Long My Treatment Will Go For?

Duration of treatment varies depending on the complexity. It may take from few months to two and half years. For most people can be treated with in one or two years.

How Many Times Do I Have to Come See the Dentist Through out the Treatment?

Orthodontic appliances will need adjustments every 4 to 6 weeks. We will tell you during the course of the treatment.

For Invisalign clear braces, you will need to see the dentist every 4 to 6 weeks to get new sets of aligners.

We will monitor the teeth movement during each visit.

Will My Treatment Hurt?

Initially you may experience discomfort. This will settle eventually. If the discomfort doesn’t go away you will need to see the dentist for further adjustments.

What Happens After Finishing the Treatment?

Upon completion of treatment and the teeth are in desired position, teeth will need to be held for a time which is called retention. You will need retention appliances for it.

They are called retainers. Retainers can be removable or fixed. You can discuss with the dentist about the type of retainer that will suit you up on completion of treatment.

Will My Teeth Stay in Position Permanently?

We suggest to use retainers for as long as possible to retain the teeth in position. Even after retention, it is normal for slight, minor tooth movements to occur, so no guarantee can be given. However it is unusual for teeth to alter enough to need further treatment.

Success of any orthodontic treatment will depend on compliance of the patient and skills of the dentist. You will need to follow the instructions given by the dentist without any compromise. It is very important to attend regularly so the dentist will monitor the teeth movement.

Any unwanted movements can be identified in early stages and will be altered accordingly for the successful outcome. Your hygiene should be maintained through out the treatment. We will discuss any special techniques needed depending on the appliance you are wearing.

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