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Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Frankston

Most Adults Will Experience Impacted Wisdom Teeth Between the Ages of 17 to 25.

Some wisdom teeth will try to grow sideways or tilted causing pain and damage to neighbouring teeth however some wisdom teeth may not cause any problems or pain.

As a regular patient we are able to monitor the progress of your wisdom teeth periodically and ensure any issues are addressed as soon as possible.

However if your wisdom tooth does become impacted (gets blocked as it is pushing through the gum into your mouth) (erupting).


You may notice symptoms such as:

  • Inflamed and swollen gums
  • Infection and pus
  • Swollen lymph glands
  • Feverish temperatures

If you begin to notice these symptoms it’s important to book a consultation with a dentist.

At Peninsula Dental we will be able to assess the condition of your wisdom tooth using our in house x-ray to ensure your teeth are not at risk of crowding, infection or ulcers.

Having wisdom teeth addressed earlier usually reduces complications and allows the tissue and bone to heal better.