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Gum Disease

Gum Problems at Peninsula Dental Frankston Vic

Gum Disease Which Is Often Also Referred to as Gingivitis

Occurs when plaque and calculus builds up on your teeth and infects the gum.

Often people suffering from gum disease will notice:

  • bad breath
  • slightly puffy or swollen gums
  • blood when brushing and flossing your teeth
  • receding gum line
  • loose or wobbly teeth
  • pus around your teeth and gums

The Main Cause of Gum Disease Is Poor Oral Hygiene.

If you are suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms it’s important you book an appointment with a dentist for an assessment and deep clean.

If these symptoms are ignored, gum disease can progress to Periodontitis which causes bone loss, severe pain and loss of teeth.

After your deep clean we will take the time to provide you with preventative information and tips to ensure you are using correct flossing and brushing techniques.

Remember: prevention is the best weapon against gum disease.