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About Us

Our Values

The Peninsula Dental team is committed to working to the highest standards, to provide quality dental care and to strive for excellence.

We respect all our patient’s needs and concerns, and excel at meeting our patient’s individual dental requirements with discretion.

We offer a wide range of tailored treatments and provide supporting information that enables our patients to receive informed, quality dental treatments for all dental conditions.

Our reputation as a dental practice of excellence and innovation is well established, and is maintained through the continuing professional development of our staff.

Our Philosophy

“Creating Vibrant Smiles For Healthy Lifestyles”

Tight-Knit Family

We are a tight-knit family general dental practice that is wholly dedicated to looking after the wellbeing of our patient’s oral health, teeth and gums.

Modern Dentistry

We believe in the importance teeth play in maintaining good health, self-esteem and confidence; as well as the necessary role that modern dentistry plays in maintaining good quality of life.

Preventative Dentistry

Underpinning our philosophy is our focus on preventive dentistry, which aims to stop any potential orthodontic and dental issues from arising in the future.

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Our Work

Our expertise in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of minor to serious dental diseases and conditions is highly regarded and is administered by our professional, discreet and caring staff.

We know that each patient is different and we tailor treatment to individual patients based on his or her particular situation.

We have both female and male dentists to provide choice in our dental services, whether it be for yourself or for your children.

Our dental services cater to patients of all ages and walks of life, providing a balanced, ongoing and holistic service.